About Us

What's up family! Welcome to BestOnly Audio!

My name is Jared, the founder of this unique platform. This venture was born out of a decade-long journey through the intricacies of music and sound engineering. I have dedicated over ten years and countless hours in pursuit of perfecting the art of mixing vocals. My objective was simple - to enhance the quality of music, to refine into specific styles, and to make the best qualities stand out.

Back in the day, the concept of vocal presets was not familiar to me. I found myself constantly trying to mix my own vocals, aiming to attain a professional quality that often seemed elusive. It was a tough journey filled with trials and errors, late-night tweaking, and rigorous sessions of experimenting with different sound setups.

The discovery of vocal presets was a game-changer for me, a paradigm shift in how I approached vocal mixing. Suddenly, there was a way to make professional-quality vocal mixes faster and easier than ever before. The efficiency and precision that vocal presets offered were a revelation. It was an innovation that I knew had the potential to transform the way artists work and the quality of music they produce.

Moved by my own transformation, I realized that there might be thousands of artists out there striving to attain a professional mix for their vocals, and this led me to create BestOnly Audio. We offer a diverse range of vocal presets, carefully curated to ensure that artists can find the sound that best suits their style and the message they wish to deliver. Our vocal presets serve as a quick and efficient way to achieve a professional mixed vocal, thereby allowing artists to focus more on their creativity.

Our mission extends beyond providing high-quality vocal presets. We are driven by a deep-rooted passion for music and a desire to foster and enhance the musical journey of artists worldwide. We understand the challenges that come with vocal mixing, and it is our joy to provide a solution that eases this process. More than just a store, we aim to be a supportive companion for artists, providing them a fantastic customer experience that mirrors the quality of our products.

Music is a universal language, an expression of humanity that transcends boundaries. It is our honor to contribute to this art form, and our goal is to help artists deliver their music in its most refined form.

We look forward to serving you and assisting you in your artistic journey. We can't wait to hear your music and see how our vocal presets help you reach new heights. Thank you for considering us as a part of your music-making process. We are excited to be a part of your story.

To Your Success,

Jared, Founder