Required Legal Disclaimer

Our products are meant to create a sound that can be compared to the sound of the artists mentioned in the title. Our products will not create the exact sound of the artists because everyone's voice is different, everyone's DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is different and everyone uses a different microphone / set up. Plugins in one DAW will naturally sound different than another DAW. The before and after audios within each description are meant to give you an idea of how the the purchased file will sound. We do NOT promise you will get the exact sound. Also note that some DAWs don't have autotune, so to get a closer sound, you'll need to use a free or paid 3rd party autotune. 

We sell digital products, so it is physically impossible for the product to be "damaged" or "defective" Each one of our customers gets the same exact digital download file. For this reason there can be no claims of this. Also, It is not possible for our products create sound, they only process existing audio or real-time recordings. So there can be no claims of popping, glitching or static noises. This has to do with things other than our files or user error.

All product files and images for Vocal Presets are created by BestOnly Records and the artists mentioned have had no part in the creation of them. The artists mentioned did not make these products, nor are they affiliated with this product in any way. The songs used from various artist are for educational & comparison purposes only. We do not own their music. Nor are we monetizing anything that they have created at all. The artists names are used for educational & comparison purposes only. These artists are not supportive of our products nor in partnership with BestOnly Records to promote our products.

We do NOT use photos or images that we don't have rights to. Our visual artwork is original. We do not use trademarked names in our product photos.