See Vocal Presets in Action!

What Are Vocal Presets?

Presets are one-click settings that are simply installed into your DAW and stay there as long as you'd like. When mixing your songs, they save you countless hours or loads of money on engineer cost. They allow you have a clean, professional mix in seconds.


With just one click our Vocal Presets turn your rough vocals into professional quality vocals in the style that you desire. Stop wasting your valuable time with mindless mixing & wasting hundreds of dollars spent on mixing engineers. Just download one of our presets, apply it to your vocal, tweak what you desire, and keep making music!

  • Deshawn

    "BestOnly Audio has the best presets on the market by far. Truly hand made using vocal chains curated by the best engineers around the world. I could not be more happy with the vocal preset I got. Btw I got the "LAROI" preset and I love it!"

  • Nick

    "Literally within a few clicks, I have an amazing sounding vocal! I am blown away by the quality and utility of the vocal preset I purchased. My bros are so curious how I got such a dope sound so quickly. I highly recommend BestOnly Audio!"

  • Devin

    "Yoooo. This is the highest quality preset I've ever heard. I've never purchased a preset before but this is so accurate and just what I've been looking for. My music is finally starting to have the sound and get the reactions I've been looking for."

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