Zero-Tolerance of Fraud

We have recently dramatically increased security measures to prevent fraudulent orders. We now have the latest software to identify fraudulent orders and our store is now set to NOT deliver files to the orders that have been flagged by our system.

Some of the systems in place: 

  1. All information is monitored including matching billing address with credit card address, matching customer information, IP information, seeing how many payment attempts you made & much more.
  2. Files will NOT be delivered to you.
  3. Your IP will be reported to authorities & legal action will be taken.
  4. If you use a proxy server or VPN (virtual private network) we are easily still able to detect that and within a few clicks get all the information we need to take legal action.
  5. If you use a software company to hide the location or re-locate your IP, we will be working with them to get all information on you and legal action will be taken.

Our dedicated & highly trained Cyber Security Team is on staff 24/7 and everything is monitored and recorded in real time. So before you consider being a criminal, you might want to think again.